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About Us

The Brymer Brass story begins when
it’s founder, Arthur Brymer decided
it was time to start up his own business.
With a family to support, Arthur was
determined to make this work. So, in 1954,
Brymer Industries was born.

Arthur knew that customer service was the key to success and he lived by this creed. Orders would be taken over the phone and delivered by Arthur the same day. Any material that, to others, would be impossible to get, Arthur would find. He also was quite the inventor and had many patents out on various parts, the lead repair flange being one of many successful creations.

Today, Brymer Industries Inc. still lives by Arthur Brymer’s creed that Customer Service is the key to success. Brymer Brass has a wide variety of products and we do our utmost to get them to our customers on time, every time. Some of our product lines include threaded brass fittings, nipples and flanges, brass pipe, tubular fittings and urinal assemblies, brass pipe, tubular fittings and urinal assemblies, water service products, di-electric unions and insert fittings, pneumatic and mechanical plugs, PVC compression couplings and adapters and stainless steel fittings, nipples and valves.

Brymer Industries Inc. is still a family owned and operated business, with Bruce Brymer as its President/Owner. Bruce has continued his father’s legacy and has kept Brymer Brass focused on looking after the customer’s needs and expanding our product line to further service our growing customer base. You can always depend on Brymer Industries Inc. for good quality product and fantastic customer service.